Just AskGina!

She helps you manage your home.

Tell her what you need. Have a chat with Gina.

She finds the best solutions for you.

Gina gets the tasks done

Enjoy time for yourself. Have peace of mind.

AskGina Package

AskGina - Home Management

(P2,999 for One Month
or just 
Php 100/day

The AskGina 4-Step HOME Operating System: 

H - Home tasks delegated

O - Organised and scheduled 

M - Monitored fulfilment

E -  Executed consistently


It is a system that you and AskGina, your home manager can work towards optimising  together. With this, your preferences are always top of mind, with AskGina managing your home tasks knowing what is most important to you. We want you to tell us what you need to get done then forget about it so you can free up that headspace for the stuff that matter to you.

Do I Need AskGina?

  • If you suddenly find yourself moving out of your family home and adulting for the first time in your life.

  • If you are at the peak of your career and can’t be bothered with the little errands that you need to take care of at home.

  • If you do not have household help and just want to outsource your home tasks.

  • If you constantly get irritated when you have to deal with these outsourced suppliers.

  • If you are entering a new lifestage - newly married and setting up home, have a new baby and dealing with added role.

  • If you would rather spend time playing with your kids or having focused conversation with your spouse than worrying if the handyman will arrive.

  • If you want to pursue a hobby or a passion project  but think that you do not have the headspace for it.

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